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Miguel Torija

I am a passionate VFX artist who loves cinema.


I was born in Madrid, Spain, I'm 29 years old (The thirties are coming so fast...). I grew up with big blockbusters such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, loving how films can make people travel all around the universe and forgot any worries for a bit... And I wanted to help to do that! 

I'm a Compositor

In order to do that, after finishing my degree, I started studying postproduction, focusing my time in Nuke and most important, learning how to be a good compositor.


Now, with more than 4 years of experience, I've had the opportunity of working on a lot of different projects, from TV series, animation movies such as "Klaus" and intense action films as "Love and Monsters" that have tested my knowledge and helped to grow as a compositor in many different ways.

But I'm way more than that!

Check my work to find all I can do!

And just a bit more about me!

Okay, okay, I'm way more than that. I love any kind of films, board games (Terraforming Mars, Zombicide and Gloomhaven are my favourites!), video games (and if I have to choose one, I will go with Final Fantasy 7 or Metal Gear), I like any kind of music, it depends on the day! 

I also love to tell stories, and that's why during my degree I joined several scripting and creative writing courses, I used to write short stories with a couple of friends, but sadly now I don't have much time to do that...

And just to finish, I love to study and learn new things, and that's why every day I try to learn something new, trying to improve my artistic and technical skills!



  • Nuke

  • Python

  • BlinkScript

  • Houdini

  • Maya

  • After Effects

  • Mocha

  • GeoTracker

Contact me!
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