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Pixel Fixer

PixelFixer helps you to remove undesired artifacts (bright pixels) from the image with great control over the target pixels and the method to fix them.

How to use PixelFixer:

PixelFixer has 2 main areas, one focused to isolate the target pixels and others to fix them.

  1. Choose the channel you want to fix. I highly recommend fixing each channel individually instead of fixing all at the same time. By doing that you will be more precise.

  2. Choose a method to isolate the target pixels. There are not one method better than other, it depends on each shot and it depends on the surrounding pixels, try to divide your plate by using the mask input and work on specific areas to preserve all the detail possible.

  3. Play with your specific method controls to isolate your target pixels as best as you can. You can check which pixels you are affecting by checking 'Check Alpha' or 'Replace Alpha'. You can also expand and soft your selection, but I do not recommend that to be honest.

  4. Choose a fixing method. Again, there are not one method better than others, check them all to see which one works better on your plate and in which areas.

  5. Play with your specific fixing controls to achieve the best results.

Download it from Nukepedia!

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