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mtCollection v1.0

Hello again!

During this past year, I’ve been sharing some gizmos and tools from time to time… Now I bring all of them together in a collection easy to install to have your neat and tidy :D (And some unpublished little gizmos.)

Inside mtCollection you will find:


-mtEdgeGrade, mtEdgeMix, mtEdgeFromAlpha, mtPixelFixer, mtTechCheck, mtLines, mtLayerGrade, mtOffsetCopies and mtHelpNode.


-mtCollectUtillities (CollectFiles, FilesToFolder, ReduceProject, Bring Read/Folder, Share/Get Nodes), mtKeyMixTemplates and SmartBackdrop.

Hope you find them useful and, if you just want a few of them, just pick the ones you like the most!

You can download it from here:

Download ZIP • 62KB

By the way, these last months I’ve been studying Lighting and I’ve just started learning some BlinkScript, so stay tuned because I would keep posting some cool things :) At least I would try.

Have a nice day everyone!

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