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mt PrefStick

Stick images onto 3d renders using the Pref pass. Developed with BlinkScript.

It works only on Nuke 12 or above.

Download It Here:

You just need 3 things:

>A CG render with Pref.

>The image you want to stick.

- The aperture of the render camera. You can try to guess it and put them by hand... But I recommend using the real parameters.

How To use it:

1 Select a camera and push 'Get Camera'. You can type the values manually.

2 Use the picker to select a point of your pref. Check 'show pref' to show it and make it easier.

3 Select the two vectors you want to use (x=r, y=g, z=b)

4 You can scale and translate to better place the image.

5 You have two ways of masking, using the input mask or

using 'pref matte', which uses an alpha based on your pref selection. You can use both.

Download It Here:

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