• Miguel Torija

mt Collect Files BETA

Hello everyone!

I've been playing with python on my free time for a while, I still have so much to learn, but I would like to share the new tool I've created.

Inspired by the After Effects Collect Files, I've developed my own version for Nuke, that allows you to create quick BackUps of your script to move to other computer or share it with your client or teammates. Collect Files creates a folder with a copy of your project and all your media files and changes all the paths to work perfectly fine wherever you go.

Right now it is only a beta and I still have so much to improve, but it is fully functional, so if you want to try it you are welcome! Any feedback, suggestion, doubt or problem you could have, you are absolutely welcome, so don't hesitate and dm me if you need it.

I've made a video explaining all the features of Collect Files, check it out to find how it works! English it's not my first language and I was so shy recording my voice.... so I've also added subtitles just in case! 😅

Hope you like it!

Download here: CollectFiles_BETA

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