• Miguel Torija

KeyMix Template Tool

When I am required to do some clean-Ups I like to use the KeyMix node in a similar way that you would use Transformasked. I believe that Keymix is way handier due to the following two reasons:

-You can add different nodes to the inputs, such as Frameholds, grades, etc

-The roto position updates through Keymix and you always have the correct reference to change.

So when I have to do the same "nodes" templates one time and another... I like to create some shortcuts to make it easier and faster, and that's why I create KeyMix Template.

Keymix template allows you to create 3 different templates:

-Simple: just a Keymix with a transform and a grade node.

-Frameholded: With a Framehold and a tracker node.

-Template: Allows you to add a backdrop and several iterations of the same template.

Check the video to take a look!

Download it here!!!

Download ZIP • 2KB

By the way, to install it just drop it inside your .nuke folder and write into your "menu.py":

 import KeyMix_Template

If you like (and I recommend it), you can create a folder inside ".nuke" named "python" and copy inside the file, if you do that you will have to add these line inside your init.py:


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