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Collect Utilities v2.0

Hello everyone! Python time! I’ve updated my tools from Collect Utilities to Python 3 to be able to use them inside Nuke 13.0, so I would like to share them again with you (and a few new tools 😊 )

- Collect Files: Creates a backup of your Script.

- Files To Folder: Copy the file from a read in a target folder.

- Check Frames: Find missing frames in a sequence.

- Share Nodes: Share a group of nodes in a shared folder.

- Get Nodes: Import a group of nodes from a shared folder.

- Bring Reads/Folder: Bring the render from a Write and Open the folder from a read.

- Get Frames: Import frames from a read.

- Read Care: Automates useful actions in different Reads.

- Reduce Project: Removes the reads you are not using

- File Renamer: Renames the File from a target Read.

This time I’ve added a .pdf inside to explain how to install and use the different tools! But, as always… here is a small video!

I hope it works perfectly, but like any new version, I'm looking to fix any bug that could appear as quick as I can!

Hope you like it, see you soon!

Download it from Nukepedia:

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