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I love compositing, but I also love learn new things and have fun with other software! Check everything I like to play with apart from my usual work!

Python (and company)

Last year I spent tons of hours learning and playing with Python (So much free time while being quarantined). I've created several tools to help myself that you can find in the menu "My Gizmos and Tools", check it out!


Apart from that, I love to play with expressions and I spent part of my free time reading and learning some things about BlinkScript and shaders with GLSL.

Lighting (With Maya and Arnold)

Recently, I've introduced myself to lighting for two main reasons, first, because I like it, and secondly, because I find very important how the team that goes just before compositing works!

FX (Houdini Time!)

And that's what I'm learning now! or at least trying. I've always looked at the work of the FX team with great admiration, thinking that I would like to learn how to make that awesome work... Well, that's what I'm doing right now in my free time!

Step by step, but I'm enjoying every new thing I learn about Houdini, I would love to share some of my work when I have something I can feel proud about.

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